The most effective way to combat plastic pollution is to refuse to use or buy it when you have the choice to use eco-friendly alternatives. The less plastic we put out there just means less of it polluting our environment. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Bringing your own reusable bags and baskets whenever you go shopping (..and not just to the supermarket!) will reduce your plastic footprint
  • Let’s say “No” to polythene for fruits and vegetables that do not need packing
  • Taking your lunch in reusable containers avoids the need for lunch sheets
  • Non-plastic packing materials such as paper and cardboard are much easier to recycle and are far more eco-friendly options
  • When getting take out, why not use your own reusable containers and get food packed into instead of a styrofoam box or lunch sheet?
  • Why not refuse the plastic straw accompanying your drinks and refuse the plastic spoon given with the yogurt and ice-cream cups you’re taking home?
  • Instead of using disposable plastic pens – why not use a pencil to take down notes… or go digital?