One of the reasons plastic is so popular is that it can be used in so many different ways and for a long time – that’s also the reason why it’s so easy to reuse (giving new life to your old plastics is also a great way to save it from ending up in a garbage dump!). If you’re looking for fun, practical ways to reuse and repurpose your plastics, try these out:

  • Reuse plastic containers for storing left over meals– make sure to check for the Food Grade Plastic symbol before you do
  • Why not convert your plastic containers into flower pots/planters/bird feeders/pen or pencil holders
  • Have a pillow that’s low on stuffing? Plastic shopping bags make great stuffing for thick cushions
  • Using a plastic bag as an emergency glove not only doubles as an easy way to deal with a gooey mess but avoids you having to use plastic gloves
  • Plastic containers can be used for many creative craft projects – you just need some paint and imagination